Little Miracle Academy Methods

Miracle curriculum is designed in such a way that it explores the hidden talent of each child. It boosts the birth skill and increases the perception.

We do not go with child-centric syllable, our Miracle curriculum is uniquely designed to analyze and bring out child’s creativity apart from required curriculum. Miracles curriculum is designed by experts who worked under various syllabus. It is a combination of activity based method, Montessori and waldrof way of teaching.

Now-a-days after completing degree, lot of students more into finishing schools to improvise and complete their required skills.

Our motive is to “BUILD INBORN SKILL” by

Material based teaching
Leisure with Dance
Act with Drama
Innovation with Art and Craft
Enlighten with Celebrations
Ponder with Puzzles
Converse with Rhymes and Story
Cleanse body and mind with yoga
Explore with Fieldtrip